Lakes - Kit list


Personal requirements to be adapted depending on what activity(s) you plan to undertake


• Good comfortable walking boots (to take crampons if any hard snow/ice is encountered)

• Spare laces for walking boots

• Socks for walking boots

• Waterproofs

• Gaiters useful (may be possible to hire)

• Warm clothing (several thin layers best) – no jeans on the hills

• Gloves and hat (preferably waterproof or spares in case they don’t dry out quickly)

• Backpack (wrap clothing in plastic bags – don’t assume backpack is 100% waterproof)

       30-35 Litre rucksack recommended

• Walking poles – not essential but can be useful (may be possible to hire)

• Small personal first aid kit

• Mobile phone

• Torch, preferably head torch with spare batteries and bulb

• Whistle (to attract attention 6 blasts on a whistle or flashes of a torch, one minutes silence,

        then repeat until rescued. Response 3 blasts/flashes)

• Crampons (may be possible to hire) A limited number of used crampons may be available to purchase soon

• Ice axe (may be possible to hire)

• Eye protection against high winds and snow (goggles/sunglasses).

• Sleeping bag/bedding may be required. Further information to follow

• Small flask/water bottle/lunch box, plastic bags

• Additional snacks to supplement the basic lunch stuff provided

• Breakfast for Saturday (travel day) or money to buy it

• Packed lunch for Saturday's walk

• Emergency rations pack – chocolate, dried fruit, Kendal mint cake etc. (Don’t eat it all on day 1!)

• Holdall with evening clothes, comfortable shoes & toiletries etc. (small as hygienically possible!)

      Towels are not provided


Group items

• Survival bags/emergency shelter

• First aid kits

• Maps/Compass. Excellent suggestion for birthday/Xmas presents!


Have a look at the following: